HiKoki G23ST Grinder with Carry Case 230mm / 9 Inch 240V



The G23ST Disc Grinder by HiKOKI is the best in its class, lightweight and with overload durability. HiKOKI is the new brand name for Hitachi. The motor has halved stator coils for excellent cooling efficiency which in turn increases motor durability. To further prolong this tools life the motor is protected from dust and debris through a labyrinth construction. The stator core has been downsized by 6mm in diameter to reduce the overall weight. This results in an increase in max power output per unit mass. Sold in both 110V and 240V models in a Carry Case with storage space for extra discs. Please note 110V version does not include a mains plug.


  • Excellent overload durability: Higher than competitors
  • Labyrinth construction for dust protection
  • Lighter in weight than predecessor
  • 3 position side handle
  • Spindle lock